Pro Player
Trey Burchfield


Trey Burchfield an ACL athlete is the #1 top singles player in a classic play of 21 styles around the world. Trey continues to excel and grow within the cornhole community and in regional and national ACL events and tournaments throughout the country. He represents one of the top players in the nation and began his cornhole career in the Mid-West and is currently 18 years of age.


Player Q&A

Q: How did you start in cornhole?

  A: I started Cornhole by tagging along with my father and grandfather to tournaments. I would play on the side (practice boards) while they played in local tournaments.

Q: What year did you start playing cornhole?

A: 2013

Q: Are you right or left-handed?

   A: Right

Q: What motivates you to play cornhole?

   A: I LOVE the game of cornhole....the sport, the friendships and the "friendly" competition.

Q: Who is your tournament doubles partner?

    A: Alex Rawls

Q: What is your local cornhole club and where?

    A: When I'm not playing in my cornhole building, you will find me at 5GC in Canton, OH or Airmail City (Shemar Moore's), Sherman, CA.

Q: What is your favorite Lucky Bag?

    A: My "go-to" Lucky Bag- Burchberry SureFire

Q: How has LuckyBags helped and supported you?

    A: Lucky Bags support goes far beyond the financial aspect. Lucky Bags Team is like a large extended family. We encourage and support everyone and that is initiated from the top with Mike Hennessey.

Q: Any advice or motivational statements you would want to give your fans and players?

    A: Everyone in the ACL Pro Division has been blessed with a God-Given Talent. I know that it takes consistent dedication and hard work to climb to the top and separate the good from the great. I think Derek Jeter says it best:" There may be people who have more talent that you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder that you."