Surefire Burchfield ACL Pro Bags

The Surefire is a slower bag compared to the rest of our inventory, however it remains just as hole friendly with unique resin, shape, and thickness. The Surefire is a relatively thin bag with a decent amount of flop in it, but rest assured this bag sits comfortably in your hand. The Surefire will help baggers across the country raise confidence in their game. Speed Rating Slow side - 4 Fast side - 8
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  • Spring Burchfield Surefire (SF0030)
    Spring Burchfield Surefire (SF0030)
    Not available
  • Green Burchfield Sure Fire (SF0024)
    Green Burchfield Sure Fire (SF0024)
    Not available
  • Pink Burchfield Sure Fire (SF0025)
    Pink Burchfield Sure Fire (SF0025)
    Not available
  • Blue Burchfield Sure Fire (SF0026)
    Blue Burchfield Sure Fire (SF0026)
    Not available
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