Pro Player
McGwire Shepherd


McGwire Shepherd is one of several ACL veterens out of the West, now residing in Reno, Nevada. Mac is a fierce competitor and is always looking to beat and be the best, traveling throughout Northern California and Western Nevada to hone his skills.


Player Q&A

Q: How did you start in cornhole?

A: I had played a few times at family get togethers and holiday barbecues, but I didn't start playing until after high school. Due to a sports injury that left me unable to continue play baseball I was looking for a new competitive outlet. Then I found cornhole!

Q: What year did you start playing cornhole?

A: 2018

Q: Are you right or left-handed?

A: Right-handed, right foot forward

Q: What motivates you to play cornhole?

A: I am very competitive and have always wanted to be the best at whatever I was doing. So honestly the growth of the sport and all the amazing players around the world is what keeps me striving to get better each and every season.

Q: Who is your tournament doubles partner?

A: Mason Morgado

Q: What is your local cornhole club and where?

A: Sac City Cornhole in Sacramento, CA and Battleborn Cornhole in Reno, Nevada

Q: What is your favorite Lucky Bag?

A: Surefire

Q: How has LuckyBags helped and supported you?

A: Lucky Bags is such a great company with amazing bags for all situations. I am very lucky to be sponsored with Bags and funding for the 2021-22 season.

Q: Any advice or motivational statements you would want to give your fans and players?

A: This is such an amazing game filled with amazing people. To those just starting out or seasoned vets please continue to play and grow this game and community. Don't ever give up and keep moving forward. Anyone can play and anyone can win and I'm living proof of that!