Pro Player
Mason Morgado


Mason Morgado's cornhole journey started just two years ago near his hometown of Riverside, California. One of several "young guns" in California, Mason has caught the attention of the game's top players with his dirty style game and knack for hitting big shots.


Player Q&A

Q: How did you start in cornhole?


Q: What year did you start playing cornhole?

A: 2020

Q: Are you right or left-handed?

A: Right-handed, left foot forward

Q: What motivates you to play cornhole?

A: I am motivated by my competitive drive and love for the game

Q: Who is your tournament doubles partner?

A: McGwire Shepherd

Q: What is your local cornhole club and where?

A: I Suck At Cornhole in Riverside, California

Q: What is your favorite Lucky Bag?

A: Surefires (midnight)

Q: How has LuckyBags helped and supported you?

A: Lucky Bags Cornhole has supported me by helping with travel expenses and providing me with the best bags to throw.

Q: Any advice or motivational statements you would want to give your fans and players?

A: I hope everyone has a great season and looking forward to competing with everyone.