Pro Player
Jimmy McGuffin


Jimmy McGuffin is a legend in the cornhole world, seemingly always competing for a world title. He is motivated by his many fans as well as his general passion for the game. Jimmy resides in Louisville, KY.


Player Q&A

Q: How did you start in cornhole?

A: Father-in-law got me to play at his house one day then went to a blind draw the next day and came in second place and I was hooked

Q: What year did you start playing cornhole?

A: 2007

Q: Are you right or left-handed?

A: Right-handed, right foot forward

Q: What motivates you to play cornhole?

A: The fans and passion for the game

Q: Who is your tournament doubles partner?

A: Greg Geary

Q: What is your local cornhole club and where?

A: Derby City Cornhole in Louisville, KY

Q: What is your favorite Lucky Bag?

A: Pro Snipers

Q: How has LuckyBags helped and supported you?

A: By producing the best bags on the market and giving me the opportunity to show them and the world what I can do with great bags

Q: Any advice or motivational statements you would want to give your fans and players?

A: Just would like to thank all my fans for there support and keep on following your dreams. Practice all you can and never give up.