If you want blazing speed with a great comfort level in your hand this is your bag! This is one of our 2 mid-season releases that are sure to turn heads. Tacky boards are no problem for the Celtics. Fast Side-8 Faster side-9
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Pro Snipers-ACL Pro 2023


Surefire ACL Pro 2023

The Surefire is a slower bag compared to the rest of our inventory, however it remains just as hole friendly with unique resin, shape, and thickness. The Surefire is a relatively thin bag with a decent amount of flop in it, but rest assured this bag sits comfortably in your hand. The Surefire will help baggers across the country raise confidence in their game. Speed Rating Slow side - 4 Fast side - 8

Hydro Series (Pro Sniper/Sure Fire)-ACL Pro 2023

Our new Hydro design is available in your favorites, Pro Sniper and Sure Fire! Speed rating: Pro Sniper-6/9 Sure Fire-5/8

O'Doyle-2023 ACL Pro

O’Doyle rules!! If you know the term you know the name will fit the bag. These new O’Doyle’s will rule the market! With a 4/7 speed rating these bags are fit for any style cornhole player. You’ll want these bags in your Arsenal, will play great through any board conditions. Fast enough to push any bag and slow enough for the perfect roll shot. The next most copied bag in the Cornhole world, be one of the first to get your hands on these. Slow Side-4 Fast Side-7

Lucky Bags Single Set Carrying Case

Designed to insert easily in larger bags or backpacks, stay organized with these single set carrying cases! Hold 4 bags and available in 3 colors.

Corey Gilbert "Light Skin Activity" Pro Sniper-2023 ACL Pro

Mr.8-0? BET! Say less... Corey "Light Skin" Gilbert has quickly become one of the most dangerous and impressive rookie class of ACL pros. While he may be best known for his undefeated run at the 2021 pro qualifier, his jovial game play has won over fans from all over the U.S. Light Skin Activity now available in Pro Sniper and Surefire! Pro Sniper speed-6/9

Scratch Pro Snipers-ACL Pro 2023