Pro Player
Alan Rawls


Alan Rawls became hooked on playing cornhole through local tournaments in Jacksonville Florida. Alan enjoys traveling around the country, competing against the best in the world, and pushing his game to the highest levels.


Player Q&A

Q: How did you start in cornhole?

A: Started playing at local tournaments and have been hooked ever since

Q: What year did you start playing cornhole?

A: 2016

Q: Are you right or left-handed?

A: Right-handed, left foot forward

Q: What motivates you to play cornhole?

A: Playing and competing at the highest level motivates be to play cornhole along with getting to travel the country.

Q: Who is your tournament doubles partner?

A: Emory Parker

Q: What is your local cornhole club and where?

A: Baggin & Braggin and First coast cornhole in Jacksonville, FL

Q: What is your favorite Lucky Bag?

A: Surefire

Q: How has LuckyBags helped and supported you?

A: Lucky bags has supported me before being a pro and now as a pro. I'm very grateful to be on their team and throw with the best bags in the game. Through God anything is possible.

Q: Any advice or motivational statements you would want to give your fans and players?